Thursday, February 18, 2010


So I got Listography for Christmas, and as part of a condensed-type o autobiography I am going to post all the lists I complete, save they are appropriate for the general public. I will go through one by one. First up:
List pet's you've had and their names:
(These are more or less in order-)
1. Simon. White medium hair cat and the first pet I can remember. Loved this cat dearly, but we had to put him down when he was 7 and I 10ish because he had luekemia. I can still see my dad driving away in the blue Pontiac with Simon in the back window and crying because I regretted sending Simon off to his death without me. I cried about him for years.
2. Maggie. A tri-color Cocker Spaniel that my mom bought on a whim. She didn't last long, because my mom said we were "allergic" to dogs. Mm hmm.
3. Molly- My childhood calico cat who lived to about 13. She died at my parent's house after I was married with kids. I loved that crazy cat.
4. Maddy- a yellow lab we got from my brother's then girlfriend. She ultimately didn't last too long either because neither Ryan nor I were responsible enough to take care of her. We eventually gave her to Erin.
5. 2 lizards Ryan and I had, whose names elude me. They escaped at least twice. One of those times I may or may not have taken mine outside while we were weeding...The other time I found one in Ryan's pillowcase. They were skinks. Ryan's died and then mine died shortly after of a broken heart, or so I diagnosed.
6. So many many feeder fish. They werre quite replaceable, excpet for one notable fish I named Tiger, who was eulogized and buried with a grave marker when he died. I made my family listen to my memorial of him that I wrote out, citing the Resurrection.
7. Edgar-a very soft black mini rex (rabbit) that I got from Rice's flea market. My dad built me a sweet outdoor rabbit hutch.
8. 2 more rabbits. I can't remember their names right now, but one of them froze to death and when I found him my friend Tara Liberatore (sp?) laughed out loud because his legs were in the air. My dad helped me bury him.Tara, if you're reading, which would be quite a coincidence, I hated you that day.
9. Spencer- a white mouse with brown spots that I convinced my parents I needed for an MG (Mentally Gifted) project. This was not entirely true. After I obtained the mouse I designed a maze-like experiment for my project, thus fulfilling my claim.
10. Sadie- a very sweet but even more spazzy Weimeraner I bought with my own money when I was 16. She was completely neurotic with separation anxiety and I was working and going to school at the time. She too found a home with Erin and her Doberman Roo.
11. Damien- an orange corn snake I named because of his red demon-like eyes. timm got him for me for my 21st birthday within a week of meeting me.
12. Camille- a very pretty black corn snake to be Damien's companion, named by Max.
13. 'Liza- A fancy rat I adopted while working at Petco. I loved that rat. She used to sit on my shoulder or in my apron while I cashiered at Petco. I even brought her to Christmas at Michelle's once. I love rats.
14. Humphrey- an enormous blue dumbo rat I adopted at Petco as well. I used him as a stud for his sweet blue coat and dumbo ears.
15. Many more rats- hence, the stud service. I really love rats.
16. Astro- a beautiful bay Quarter Horse my parents leased for me when I was about 15. I loved horses all my life and I think they were trying to encourage a healthy non drug-related or heathen-esque interest. I loved that time of frequent riding and horse care. I could walk to the barn from my house and did so frequently. Jumping was my favorite.
17. Mister- an apple lead Siamese that Timm and i adopted while we were dating. He was the awesomest, coolest, funniest cat I'd ever met...until he started incessantly peeing in our house after the birth of our first child. I put up with it for over a year before I'd had enough. He used to play fetch with us.
18. Lucy- a Scottish Fold cat who took to crapping outside the litter box only. I tolerated it as long as I could.
19. Simon2- a flame point cat I bought at a pet store, despite my better judgement. My judgement was correct. he had Distemper and I stayed up round the clock injecting him with fluids, medicating and force-feeding him for days trying to save his life. I called out of work, luckily at Petco, and after several days I got him to eat. I cried. He had maybe a 20% chance of survivng and I saved him. He most likely suffered brain damage because of how sick he was and forever after wouldn't stop peeing in our house. I have very bad luck with litterbox habits. I gave him to my friend Lindsey where he was an outdoor cat.
20. Smegle-current Sphynx. Personality-wise, he might be my favorite pet I've ever had, which compared to the lenghty list above, is quite a statement. The sphynx breed have their own set of annonyances however, and he is not immune from ocassional litter box infractions.
21. Dobby- his sister who is not quite as hairless. She is much better with her litterbox habits and is just as sweet as he is.
22. Moosey- seriously the cutest, greatest dog ever. Unfortunately acquired shortly before I got pregnant for the 3rd time. I am not terribly nice or patient or tolerant when I am pregnant, so she eventually got flown to Denver to live with Denise's family where she is cherished as one of God's finest creations. That was 2 years ago and Bella still talks about her almost daily.
23. A pink-toe tarantula who i don't think ever got a name.
There are others I'm sure- I have an illustrious past as a pet-owner, but this is what I've got tonight.


michelle said...

Holy crap, that's a lot of pets!

Stranger still, is the only pet I had a part in was Simon, which was your first! Weird.

And I don't even remember you bringing a rat to my house for Christmas! Surely I would remember that...javascript:void(0)

Anonymous said...

Am I a bad friend for skimming? I knew you had a lot of pets, but sheesh woman! Your parents really, really loved you :)

Kim said...

Wow that is a lot of pets.I just recently heard about the book and website Listography. I want it too.

Tara said...

Oh geez!!!! I'm reading this :-/. I'm so sorry!

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