Friday, May 21, 2010

Around Here

Just some sights around these parts lately...
Baby ladybugs. To try and appreciate how small these are, those leaves are Creeping Jenny. There were about 3 dozen or more of these little guys underneath the plant on my deck.
These are just the books going back that day- Not taking into account the stack next to my bed that I am currently reading, or the stack I picked up from the library the same day.

We're all loving this piano.
This is her smile, or 'Cheese!' face, anytime you turn the camera her way.
Sebastian. Stamps. 5 minutes unsupervised.
Those lips- those kissable, kissable lips! And she gives those kisses so freely and sweetly.

There's a lot of eye-candy around here lately.


michelle said...

Such a cool photo of the baby ladybugs!

Fiona winks??

Jill said...

Wow, those baby ladybugs are kind of funky looking, but what a cool shot.

5 minutes unsupervised, that's funny.

Fiona's lips are perfect!

Diana said...

that is a cool picture of the ladybugs!
fiona's lips are so beautiful!

Susan said...

What a fun post to end my day on.

I love every single photo and am going to bed with a smile!

And yes, those are some oovetes lips.

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