Thursday, May 20, 2010

Handmade Birthday

I didn't make everything for Bella's birthday, but I did make her 2 things. One of them was one of her main gifts, and Timm and I worked on it together. It's this paper mache dollhouse. You can buy them unfinished at Hobby Lobby for about $4 or less when they are 50% off, which they frequently are. Materials include paint, paper,wood shapes, magazine clippings, wood shingles (Timm's very tedious and well-executed contribution-),Mod Podge, felt, silk flowers and rub-ons. It's the perfect size for Polly Pockets or Disney's Glitter Stretch Fashion Princesses. (That was not an endorsement- just a fact and a size reference.)
I also made her a box like Sebastian's, but a different size. This one is paper mache as well, instead of wood. I left hers empty, since apparently Timm threw away the items I planned on filling it with, including a collection of acorn caps and a pile of minute pieces of foam she tore and used as toys. I'm sure she'll find something to fill it with in no time.

Hopefully these handmade gifts will be able to hold their own against such other, more commercial and well-loved gifts like Littlest Pet Shop, Polly Pocket, princesses and Barbies, all of which she received from various sources. More to come on the actual celebration.


michelle said...

I love them! I was just thinking yesterday about how you have such a way with handmade gifts – never handmade in a bad way – how do you do it??

Jill said...

These are very creative, fun gifts I'm sure she'll love! How funny that Timm threw away the stuff you were gathering to put in Bella's box. All of that stuff sounds like Whitney's toys too.

Susan said...

WAY cute! But you didn't show me the Bella box! I love it.

I agree with Michelle, your homemade gifts are always perfect and do you do that?

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