Saturday, May 29, 2010

Greta Claire

Molly had her 3rd baby last week, on Bella's birthday, in fact- May 20. She was 10 days overdue, which is an eternity when you're counting down those days. (I was almost as relieved as Molly herself when she finally delivered her with no complications. As you can imagine I get awfully nervous at the end...) As with her first 2, Molly chose not to know the sex of the baby until she was born, and she was, a she: Greta Claire Smith.
That hair! It reminds me of Fiona's actually, but Greta looks just like a Smith baby.

Sebastian, the proud older brother for a second time.

Luckily Mom and Dad were visiting so Timm and I could go visit her at the hospital on Friday night.

Even though I have birthed 3 of my own babies, every one smaller than Greta, it is still impossible to believe just how tiny they are. And that new baby head-smell never gets old, but it might even be better this time, since it's not my responsibility! Can you stand how cute this family is? Can you stand how beautiful Molly is, just after giving birth?? I've long suspected that Molly keeps me around to make her look better-as if she needs it. What can I say, I'm that kind of friend.
But I'm still mad at them.
When I'm not crying.


michelle said...

I love that name!

Greta is adorable, and Molly does indeed look beautiful. I don't know how anyone can look beautiful after giving birth. Wow.

I can never get over how tiny newborn babies are, convinced that mine were never really that small.

Since Greta shares Bella's birthday, you'll always remember it.

Molly Krauss Smith said...

I'm heartbroken that Greta won't get to grow up wreaking havoc at the Tanner household (if she's anything like Mia, that is).

Susan said...

I think it's neat too, that Greta shares Bella's birthday. It's an even more eternal bond.

It really isn't fair how good she looks! What the?! And you look too cute holding her. I love the infant stage the most!

Denise said...

Man, you're right about that new baby head smell. Someone should make a candle scent of it, except it would probably smell like fake baby powder. Okay--not such a great idea.

It is really not fair that someone could look so good after just giving birth. Darling family!

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