Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to Turn 5

Any good birthday starts with donuts and chocolate milk. (Preferably in a cup with your name boldly emblazoned upon it.)
Of course, you dress yourself with utter disregard for the season or the weather.
(Cupcakes at school, which I forgot to photograph.)
A birthday crown bestowed at preschool, watching Aladdin whilst driving to an undisclosed location, which turns out to be...
Chuck E. Cheese.  A first for our family, and a happy surprise for Bella.
And Fiona.
Timm's pretty good with the games, and thus, the tickets.

You get to investigate the goods-
And walk away with a bunch of crap for 'free' that you actually paid about $15 for, making it the most expensive bunch of junk you've ever purchased. Then you have to find a place for all the aforementioned crap, holding it until it's forgotten about and you can throw it away.
Dinner at Red Robin, at her request, where they gave her a birthday sundae and extra balloons.

Then home for presents.
Pretty good day to turn 5 I'd say.


michelle said...

Cute! I'm glad Bella finally got to see what Chuck E. Cheese is all about. Now I need to know if it lived up to her very high expectations!

I have to admit to being excited when I saw the picture with all the tickets spilling out of the machine – a vicarious thrill for me.

I hate the stupid prizes that they have at those places. But I am still a sucker for tickets.

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Oh man, now you've done it. The Chuck E. Cheese door has been opened. My kids can't go near the Concord Mills exit without asking about "Chunky Cheese." Looks like you escaped with minimal crap though. Kuddos.

Susan said...

A good day, indeed!

It's the "5" thing I'm having a hard time with...I guess I definitely have to drop the baby thing. Drat.

Miranda said...

I can't believe how much Bella looks just like you!

linda said...

I must admit, one of the joys of having your children get older is NOT having to go to Chucky Cheese! To say that I loathe that place is putting it kindly!

Denise said...

Bella looks too big! I really can't come to grips with the fact that she's five.

I. Hate. Chuck. E. Cheese. Your description is perfect.

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