Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pop Quiz:

Which dresser is mine?
The one that houses just a few decorative elements and the necessary bedside items? (in this case, glasses, oft-worn jewelry, perfume, Carmex, and a stack of books-)

-the one that's contents are pushed to the very limits of the dresser in order to keep a modicum of tidiness and reveal just a bit of clean surface?

Was it the perfume that gave it away?

Note, also, the boxes in front of his dresser. Now and then when I can't take the various piles about the house, I resort to filling boxes with all of the miscellany for him to deal with later, so that at least it is condensed. I don't know that this is actually effective, since the boxes seem to remain untouched for weeks, if not months. Every morning I also find at least one article of clothing on the floor. It does not escape my notice that the clothing, haphazardly dropped on the floor, is within 1-2 feet if the dresser, the closet, and the hamper, all. Take your pick.
And thus, I will never be out of work as a housekeeper.
Just a minute detail of my job.


Paula said...

After having spent a good portion of the day cleaning up/off similar piles, I've come to the conclusion that it's a guy thing to make piles - unless you look at my desk ;)

Jill said...

I feel your pain, I really do. Randy is good about putting his clothes in the hamper, but he has piles of crap on his side of the bed (hence it's furthest from the door) that are indescribably stupid and useless. When I was getting ready for Michelle and Kristi to come stay with me, I cleaned his side and was totally bugged that it was almost all rubbish! Wouldn't it just be easier to get rid of the papers, wrappers, empty gift bag (what the?) and huge Father's Day card from last year??! Aargh!

Jill said...

What is the mannequin in the corner of the room? Is that not creepy at night?

Miranda said...

I'm just kind of freaking out about the awesome mannequin (to steal Jill's word) in the corner with the rad necklaces. Have you ever considered moving to Eastern Idaho? I'm pretty sure we should be friends that live near each other.

emily said...

I was totally going to comment on the mannequin before I read the previous comments. I love her! I would love to hear her story. Perhaps we can become acquainted when I come out in August.

michelle said...

I feel your pain. Marc's side of the bed is the furthest from the door as well because of all of the junk he stashes there. It kills me. (Not that I am immune to making piles. But I hate mine too.)

I just knew that Jill was going to comment about the mannequin!

Susan said...

Very entertaining! But, I might have to say that is my side of the bed where the "distraught dresser" resides most of the time at our house. I like it clean and cute, but that happens once a week or so when I can't take the piles anymore or the cleaning ladies are coming and they need to dust. Your dad is pretty tolerant and looks the other way. No comments. I like it that way.

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