Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Did you buy a house right when you moved to NC or did you rent for a while?

We did buy right away- We were on kind of a unique deadline to do so...Timm had just graduated and we had 6 months until his student loans came back into repayment, which means we had 6 months until they were part of our debt-to-income ratio on our credit report. After they were on our credit report we would never qualify for a home loan with a teacher's salary, and probably never would, so time was of the essence. I came out to NC with my parents just a month before we moved, and in a whirlwind 3-day trip, found our house, made an offer, and worked out all the details on the contract. A month later we moved in.
Plus, the idea of moving twice- once to a rental, and then again to a house, sounded nightmarish.


michelle said...

We did the same thing for the same reasons and it was the best decision we ever made. We would never qualify now!

Anonymous said...

When I think of this I am still amazed that you picked out a house without Timm there! I am SO not that confident :) Your place is perfect and I am so happy it has worked out!

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