Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Happy Grad

Last week Bella graduated from her preschool, and luckily Nana and Papa were here to help celebrate (and keep Fiona happy during the ceremony).
Fiona thoroughly enjoyed most of the production as it was a lot of singing, and Fiona has a penchant for music and dance. She clapped vigorously and laughed raucously after every number, sometimes to the distraction of the rest of the audience.

All of the songs were of the boisterous Protestant variety, and the kids all seemed to really enjoy themselves. For some reason my dashboard has changed (on Blogger) and I can no longer figure out how to load videos. I need to figure it out because there's some funny stuff there. Bella is sandwiched between all her favorite friends in her class: Mia, Sydney, Bella T. (mine), Madelaine, and Bella B.

I didn't even notice that she had taken her shoes off until I loaded the pictures for this post!

Here she is with her teachers, Mrs. Zeltner and Mrs. Meyers. This is Bella's latest 'smile face' for the camera. I don't know where she picked it up from, but it is seriously fake. This is a good one, actually.

Post-ceremony refreshments.

I have been so happy with Stonebridge Preschool this year. For anyone in the area, I highly recommend them. The preschool director, Ingrid Ward was wonderful- There were at least 100 kids in the entire preschool, and during the ceremony, she introduced every single child to go on stage and give their teacher a hug. She knew every child's name, first and last, from recognition. She didn't have to read a single thing from paper. She would choke up saying their names and lamented losing kids that had become a part of her daily life that year. When I would drop Bella off each day she would greet the children and their parents, by name. They put together photo books for each of the children, specific to them. They had photographed them all year long during all of their activities, and made sure to photograph her with me on several occasions as well. All in all, it was a very good experience. I have her on the waiting list for the T-K program next year. Unfortunately it was kind of an afterthought as an alternative to the full-day kindergarten, so she's far down on the list. I'll be happy if we get to spend another year there with a Christian influence.


Anonymous said...

Cute pics! I love your glasses. Where did you get them?

michelle said...

I was cracking up over Bella taking her shoes off. Those self-portraits of you two are SO cute!!

Jill said...

She looks so adorable in all these pictures and seems to be going back and forth from looking so much older to still looking so is that possible?

Denise said...

She is SO CUTE! I can't believe how much she looks like you when you were that age--especially in the first one of the kids lined up on the stage. Maybe it's the signature Taylor braids.

Susan said...

WAY cute photos! But what's with the no shoes??! She's a nut.

And, I was duly impressed with the earings spotted on you! Good goin, girl.

She's a doll for sure and I loved the photos. Can't wait to see the video when you figure it out! Get Timm on the task.

Anonymous said...

Oh those self portraits are killing me- you both look so cute! I love that she took her shoes off. Awesome!

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