Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Linda's oldest, Chase, returned home from his California Spanish-speaking mission tonight. (I used to play with Chase when he was a baby and I was about 8 years old.)We were honored to be among those asked to welcome him home at the airport with the Gilers.
Fernanda, with 'Roxie' the Chihuahua the Zangers were dog-sitting. 
 She was a hit with (almost) everyone. Linda, Chase, and Timm excepting.
Fiona is such a ham. I was all the way across the room, zooming in to get this shot and without even calling her attention she's ready and giving me her crazy 'cheese' smile. She's always ready for a photo-op.
The waiting crowd.
Linda's sign that we all signed.
(Fiona thinks she's an honorary Giler-)
Linda has been counting down and looking forward to this day for so long. She was so sweetly excited to see her eldest return honorably from his mission.
We literally pried Fiona from Linda or Paul's arms so we could get this picture of the actual Gilers.
We were glad to be included, and if nothing else it offered a cheerful respite from my mourning.

Welcome home Chase. Well done.


michelle said...

That's got to be the sweetest day in a mother's life! (a mother of boys, that is.)

I love Fiona's photo smile and wink. And that she thinks she's a Giler. And that Paul carries her around as if she were his.

I can't believe the way Paul and Linda never seem to age.

Eva would go nuts over that dog!

Charlotte said...

I think that Chase's tie is one that Mom bought for the wedding!

I love Fiona's pictures. So funny.

Yay for the Gilers being reunited! I love sweet reunions.

emily said...

I love Fiona's faces! A girl after my own heart.

What a great welcoming committee. I can only imagine how wonderful it would feel to be surrounded by family friends after two years away.

linda said...

It was a wonderful night and I loved sharing it with close friends. I haven't come down from the clouds yet! I would of course tkae Fiona home with me, anytime, we suit each other just fine! Thank you for taking pictures, I love them.

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Welcome home, Chase!

That Fiona loves the men...

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