Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving Day

Molly moved today.
I watched her kids so she and her mom (Sally) could clean her house before they left town.
She and Timm said goodbye this morning when she dropped the kids off. I said goodbye to Sam on Sunday night and that sent me crying, of course. I can say that I have never cared more about any of my friend's husbands. I really consider Sam a friend, even independent of Molly. We were really so blessed to have a family that each one of us genuinely loved and enjoyed spending time with.
Mia trying to mimic Fiona's crazy smile.
After a few hours I gave up and put a show on. We were all tired.
When Molly came to pick them up that afternoon she brought us a parting token of Rita's. Fiona, always a food monger, spent an inordinate amount of time on hers, making sure to get every last drop.
Parting shots.
I held it together and didn't cry until after Molly walked out the door. Molly has some strange robot-like control over her emotions. Maybe not quite robotic, but even though she tells me about her crying spells over the move, and I know this has been hard for her, I have only actually seen her cry once, maybe twice. And once was at church. Michelle must have been prompted because she called me while Molly was still in the driveway, from which they were hitting the road for Dallas. I was honored that we were the last stop, the last ones to see them off. I wouldn't have it any other way.
After I closed the door and was still waving them off, Bella asked why my face was like that. I explained that I was sad, and she said 'But you'll see them at Christmas! And the Christmas after that, and the Christmas after that...' I replied that I wanted to see them every day like we used to. After thinking for a minute she ran out to the driveway and shouted 'Molly! Sebastian! Can you visit more often?' As I talked to Shell and Bella listened in she suggested these pearls of wisdom:
'Mom! I have an idea! You just need to make more friends that aren't moving! You need to find friends that are normal.' 
I don't want normal friends.
Molly gave me a sweet note which was only one of eleven. The other ten are supposedly hidden throughout the house. After reading this one I had a fleeting impulse to raid the house for the rest of them but quickly decided to leave them be for a while. I will find them altogether too quickly as it is I am sure and I want to have a bit of Molly with me for as long as I can.
As Michelle lamented, there's not much that can be said when your best friend moves away.


Jill said...

I'm so sorry Molly has moved away, best friends shouldn't do that.

I love it that she hid 11 notes throughout your house, what a sweet thing for her to do--especially considering the busyness and stress going on with the move.

Hang tough Jessie! Does Molly blog?

Anne said...

Man, that's so tough! Luckily we have cell phones and email to make the distance not seem so far, but still, it's not the same. I love that she left you notes to find, that's so sweet! Hang in there!

michelle said...

I think I must have been prompted to call for sure, how else would it have been at the precise moment she was leaving?

I love the ways Bella tried to comfort you.

Leaving you those notes hidden around was brilliant, and no small feat for a post-partum woman trying to orchestrate a move. I'm glad you decided not to hunt for them, that will provide you with some sweet surprises in the coming days.

I'm with Jill, if Molly doesn't blog, then now is a good time to start! Get out your badgering skills.

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Awww. Ok, I'm crying now. You happy? I'm so glad you captured the last few minutes of our lives in Charlotte. Can't wait to come visit!

However, I can't believe you posted that pic of me and Timm - couldn't you have written a disclaimer that I hadn't showered in two days and had been cleaning/packing/painting?? Ugh.

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