Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to School

I took Bella to Back to School night tonight.
She has not adopted Fiona's pirate face- it was just a little sunny.
Bella making the acquaintance of another girl in her class, who happens to sit at her table.
Fiona totally wishes she were going to Kindergarten.
Her day looks so fun! And long.
So weird.
They stagger the Kindergartners entry into school so that she only goes one day this week, then next week she's all in. Thursday is her first day, with Monday being the first day with all 25 of the students in her class.
I am so excited for her. Elementary school is so fun. In fact, it's the only part of my public school education that I have fond memories of. I really don't think I'll be emotional when I drop her off on Thursday, but we'll see. I'm mostly just excited. For her and for me. As long as I don't keep watching Lifetime movies. They'll be my undoing- I swear. I'm watching one tonight while I do a little freezer paper stenciling for some of Bella's school clothes...it's a charming little story about a girl being ostracized, taunted, teased and bullied by her 'friends' at school. How can I possibly turn Bella over to someone else's care for the majority of her time? I can't believe this, but I have actually considered homeschooling over this past summer. Me. Luckily I realized the insanity of that thought process and still enrolled her in public school. Motherhood is so conflicting.


michelle said...

We went to the school open house today, too. I didn't even take my camera!

Bella looks adorable in her new skirt.

I have no plans to be emotional when Eva starts next week. I guess it's possible that I could be, but it hasn't happened with either of my boys. I'm excited!

Lifetime movies can definitely be one's undoing. And yes, motherhood is just so conflicting, isn't it?

Jill said...

It's crazy to think of kindergarteners going full day. It must be wonderful for the parents, but seems like it will be a rude awakening for the kids.

I have never watched a Lifetime movie! The titles alone put me off so completely that I can't imagine watching one on purpose.

Motherhood is definitely conflicting.

How funny: the word verification for this comment is amish...perhaps a statement on homeschooling?

Susan said...

Sure looks like she's off to a promising start....she can't go wrong with that stylish skirt!!

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