Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday (x2)

If you recall, two years ago I had Fiona on Timm's birthday. He thinks it's awesome, I think I lacked some foresight, neglecting to see that I would have double the work and Timm would inevitably get short shrift. (Which I think is why he likes it- he's demented about birthdays.) Yesterday we celebrated that day- Fiona's 2nd and Timm's 31st.
Fiona, enjoying a birthday breakfast of chocolate donuts (faux-nuts) and chocolate milk while Timm slept in until church.
I sported one of Bella's brooches in my hair.
And took car SPs on the way to church.
After church and naps we went to Linda's for a birthday dinner. It was a fabulous gift to me that I didn't have to cook a birthday dinner on top of everything else I had to do and make. Despite Blogger's refusal to properly rotate this picture, dinner was fabulous. Tilapia with a grilled mango salsa, honey rolls, grilled asparagus, a green salad and roasted potatoes. Delish.
Fiona was back to her pirate ways, and when I tried to insist that she smile, she scowled instead.
I let Bella wear her birthday crown because she proved all day long, many times, that it is oh so hard when it is not your birthday.
She blew the candles out almost all by herself! (Aided by a newly-shaven Timm, under Linda's orders.)
My friend and former-BYU roommate Kim made this awesome cake which I was inspired to copy. I planned on doing it for Bella's 5th but had too much to do, so I saved it for Fiona's. I thought it would be awesome if I gave Fiona cancer for her birthday, due to inhuman amounts of concentrated food coloring. (Fingers crossed!)
Kim's photo is much better- mine had poor indoor night lighting. In case anyone is interested, I followed Kim's directions exactly, except that my oven is hot so I only baked each layer for 10 minutes. If anyone endeavors to make the Swiss buttercream (which I did for the first time) drop me a line and we can discuss. Or if anyone else has made it.
Linda was sweet enough to get Bella her own gift (Repunzle) because again, it is so hard when it is not your birthday.
She also got Fiona a stuffed kitty (a hit) and a glitter stretch fashion Cinderella set complete with a 2 horse drawn carriage. A huge hit worthy of much fighting and screaming from both girls.
My gifts were handmade, which I will document (along with her birthday crown) in another post.
Timm got some stuff too.
Now that my late night sewing and birthday deadline was been met I hope to be blogging more frequently. Though to be honest, I am already starting to panic over the massive amounts of sewing and creating to be done for Christmas and the other events that precede it.


Diana said...

Linda sure did spoil you guys!
Happy Birthday to Timm and Fiona!

Susan said...

While I LOVE Timm's clean shaven face, what happened to the head of hair that was beginning to sprout last time we were there?! That was not a part of the deal, surely!!!

That cake is the tallest thing I have ever seen! Grandma would surely be in awe. It's pretty dang cute, but what does all that food coloring do to the taste?!

Way cut photos of the birthday girl andf cute new haircut (very grownup!) on Bella.

Happy Birthday to Timm and Fiona! Can't wait to bring the rest of my gifts in the next week or so.

Jill said...

Wow, that cake is something else! I love this line, "I thought it would be awesome if I gave Fiona cancer for her birthday, due to inhuman amounts of concentrated food coloring. (Fingers crossed!)"

I'm glad Linda made Timm shave, he looks sooooo much better!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful birthday, dinner, and gifts! You and your family are so beautiful. Love it!!!

Charlotte said...

I don't think that Josh is too big on birthdays either; however, I will not let his lack of enthusiasm curb my flair for birthday lovin'.

What a fun day! Bella and Fi are too cute, and I remember how hard it can be when it's not your birthday. Looks like Bella was a trooper, though

michelle said...

Well, looks like I should have sent a different gift, eh?

I'm happy for you that you didn't have to make the birthday dinner! What a treat.

Bella definitely looks grown up with her haircut! Wow.

That cake is pretty spectacular!

p.s. I really do like the clean-shaven look, Timm...

Rin said...

I literally laughed out loud when you said you decided to give F cancer for her bday. hahahahahahahahaha!

Sophie said...

I miss this SO much!! I loved the pictures even though as I looked at them I couldn't help but feel slightly left out! I miss all 4 of you TONS! Happy Birthday to Timm and Fiona!

Timm... I'm liking the shaved look too. Sorry. :)

That cake was AMAZiNG! Even though I dont like sweets, I almost wanted a piece just to look at it! Awesome job! haha

michelle said...

p.s. what is that cutest ever shirt that Fi is wearing??

linda said...

Just to set the record straight, Timm was suppose to shave his face and let his head hair grow a tiny bit, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch! I am now in the makeover business as well as the adopting granchildren business and it is so much fun! Isn't she just the cutest thing, ever! It was my pleasure to fix dinner and buy little girl presents!

Denise said...

I think I'll bring my kids to Linda's house for their next birthdays. And commission you to make crowns. LOVE them.

Anonymous said...

You are such a hottie Jessie! Love the car SP.

That cake makes my teeth is it pretty though!

Timm looks younger or something without the facial hair...I like the old Timm- bring him back :)

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