Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Loved the pics and post about the going away party for your friend's family. What is your advice for others striving to maintain relationships with far away relatives and friends?

I am by no means an expert on or a model of maintaining long-distance relationships. I am always wishing that I were better, but being the antisocialite that I am, it's no real surprise. I love blogging because you can still have a feel for people's daily lives which is what we miss so much when we're separated. Little things like Facebook, texts and IMs can help with a feeling of connectedness too- small, but personal regular interactions. One thing that I have done with Michelle and Hannah that I love, are our circle journals. I have 2 with each of them so that one of us can always have one. When I first moved we were really regular and sent them every week or so, but 3 years later that has really tapered off, which is okay with me. They are still such a unique space where we can share private thoughts, ask questions, doodle, include clipping, small gifts, and have a tangible physical record of our lives and our relationships. Even if a lot of time passes between entries sometimes, it's still a thrill to get one in the mail and it is still a lasting link between us.

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michelle said...

Blogging is my #1 way to maintain long-distance relationships. And I love our circle journals! Like you said, I don't care if time elapses between entries, it's like a gift whenever we exchange them.

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