Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Your house is so cute, but is it everything and exactly what you want? What changes would you make if money were no object? What changes might you actually make in real life?

First, thank you. Second, hmm.
I do love my house. I feel extremely grateful to own our home, however small it may be. (Just under 1200 sq ft) When I think of the abject poverty in so much of the world, and a lot of the US, I feel like I live in a castle. I think in our country we have a skewed perception of what is normal, of what we should aspire to, based on comparisons to unrealistic media standards.
{Ok, I'm off my soapbox. I'll answer the question at hand.}
Unfortunately, money is always an object. But if it were not, I wouldn't mind a bit more space. I like to have a cozy house, so I don't want too many square feet. I like how it keeps us close together. An extra bedroom would be great for guests since our accommodations are a bit lacking. I love basements so a full basement for the kids to run around in would be awesome.
In real life, I want to replace our old mismatched appliances to stainless steel and redo the counters- possibly concrete. I want to put a whitewashed laminate floor in all of the main living areas in our house. (Kitchen, living room, hallway, studio.) I would do it in the bedrooms too but Timm's not into it. We are going to put the girls in the same bedroom and use the other for a playroom and a place for guests to sleep. We want to build a pergola on the deck and get some patio furniture to really utilize our very large deck as living space. On the outside I really want to paint the exterior and door, and get shutters and window boxes. So given the space we have, those are really the only things we dream of doing while we're here. Of course I have a million ideas for future houses, be they real or imaginary.

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michelle said...

Marc was just telling me that he was watching a House Hunters International and there were these Americans looking at historic homes in Italy, etc. and unable to reconcile themselves to not having walk-in closets and big master suites. Kind of sickening, really. So although there are definitely days when I wish we had more space, I too am glad that our small house keeps us close together!

And, your house is so darling it hurts me.

Jill said...

I have to remind myself regularly that big dream houses are not the norm for most people (though they are for most of the people I live near), because I am constantly dreaming of what I would if 1. this house was actually ours and 2. if we had money to do anything.

Susan said...

...a house on the beach. Yes,that's it. My dream house or retirement. And Dad says it will be a small one. Oh well, less to clean.

Anyone want some of my 50 vintage cake plates? *sigh*

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