Friday, October 29, 2010

Awkward Return

It's been a while, and now I feel a sheepish return to this neglected corner. Silly. I've wanted to post, but then feel I have nothing to say...which can often only be attributed to one of two things: depression or exhaustion. I'm not sure which to blame this time. So to ease my way back, I just have one thing to say:
These kids visited us last weekend.
(Photo taken last Mother's Day as I have yet to download my photos from the weekend.)
It was fun.
It was perfect.
It was just like old times.
It was a little bit cruel.
It was short.
It will come again in 8 weeks.
More on them later.


Jill said...

There's no need for your return to be awkward, and I'm sure you have loads of projects, kid funnies, deep thoughts, and so on to post about.

I'm so glad Molly and her husband came to visit, how fun for your family!

michelle said...

What a treat to have the Smiths come for a visit! I was thinking of you, as I wondered if it would be like it is for me when you leave – like I have to get used to you being gone all over again, I hate that. Good thing they will be coming back soon!

Jill wondered if Fiona will be a pirate for Halloween, she's halfway there!

linda said...

It is so nice to have your favorite friends come for a visit, and yes so sad, sad, sad when they leave. I love your post, so for me you can take a day off every now and then but this last lapse was long! You could always write about Rita, our WW coach or how we are always hoping for playmates at Chick fila for Fiona. And, I so can't wait for the Halloween pictures. I was so sad not to be there to enjoy Fiona in her costume and dream that she was my little girl in such a darling costume! (Sophie always wanted to be a dinosaur, witch or some other character, while I yearned for the princess or fairy.)

Tasha said...

So fun to see old friends! Sorry it was so short! I am still working on your work out CD. Will you email me your address?

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Awww! I loved our visit and could only bear leaving, because I knew we'd be back again soon. BTW, I think I spotted a gray hair of mine in that picture. NOOOOO!

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