Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sights of the Season

It snowed!
No really, look closely. That's snow. I promise.
All decorations from my mom, unless otherwise noted.
Michelle's advent calendar she made us last year. Love it!
Also by Michelle.
That snowman is one of my favorites.
Color-coordinated tree matching my living room scheme, thanks to my mom of course.
Hanging kugels from the ceiling fan.
Childhood nostalgia.

I have much more, but it's already 1:30 am and if I wait until I take those pictures to post this, that day may never come. (Due to the voluntary sweatshop conditions I have enforced here. I am not done with gifts outside of my little family, and I still have all theirs to do as well, so the sweatshop stays open. My nutrition and sleep habits may be taking a beating, sacrificed to the Handmade Holiday 2010 cause.


Jill said...

Everything is beautiful! It's good to have a new post from you. You're cracking me up with your "voluntary sweatshop conditions" status.

Miranda said...

I am so in love with the color scheme and so glad you shared your holiday decor pics despite your current sweatshop devotions. Also, Michelle made that advent calendar? I WANT one!

linda said...

It is all so cute, I love it! Love the Noel star, Michelle made. I really must come over and see all of your hard work and inspect the sweatshop for underage workers!

Diana said...

love it all!

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