Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is where I've been lately- happily drowning in crafts. Sewing, painting, paper crafting, embroidering my way to Christmas, or Handmade Holiday 2010. My goal is to have everything done except for my immediate family (Timm & girls) by the end of the month, or one week from now. Then I can spend December working on their stuff and trying to enjoy the month relatively stress-free. This goal is a bit lofty considering I feel compelled to make something for just about everyone- my friends and their kids (and husband in some cases), teachers, classmates, cousins, my aunt, my grandpa, my niece and all of my nephews on my side, in addition to my siblings, parents, and in-laws. Not to mention the longer list for Bella, Fiona, and Timm. Nevertheless, I am enjoying it and feeling like I am making good progress.
And that's where I've been.

If you look closely you can see all of the necessary components for happy crafting: fabric, glitter, paint, paper trimmer, gems, glue stick. Even the less recognized empty cereal boxes and octopi cut-outs.


michelle said...

Jealous!! I wish I were there, too!

p.s. love the peek at Grandma's housedress... sniff.

Jill said...

I admire your good planning and early action, but I'm jealous mostly of your ideas! That's usually the part that gives me trouble, so I'm flustered for a long time then finally get an idea that's too lofty to complete in the remaining time. Aargh!

Anonymous said...

You rock. So much!

Diana said...

your talent never ceases to amaze me! How you make the time to make so many gifts astonishes me.
Did your parents come back for Thanksgiving?
I have an idea for you for Christmas. I making it and shipping it myself so that Target doesn't some how not send it to you. I feel so bad about those lounge pants a few years ago!

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