Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exciting New Opportunity!

Have you ever thought to yourself: 

"Gee, I sure wish Timm & Jessie (but mostly Jessie) lived closer",
"It sure would be fun to live near (Timm and) Jessie!"
"I've never even met (Timm and) Jessie, but I'm sure I wish I lived nearer to them!"
 (Or perhaps the very idea of our leaving the fair city of Charlotte fills you with (deserved) panic and despair.)

If you have-and who hasn't?- then today is your lucky day.

Today I bring you an opportunity that could change your life.
Today could be the first day of the rest of your life.
:: insert other suggestive, inspiring and badgering rhetoric::

We have generously decided to try and expand our circle of influence by considering employment options other than our current one.
Yes, despite the riches we have amassed from Timm's high school teaching position, we have decided to risk it all, take a gamble, and consider a new field- all in order to reach out to you.

All you have to do is find Timm a job.*
Serious consideration will be given to positions in Texas, Utah, Colorado, or preferably here in Charlotte, although other states will also be considered for the right opportunity. Some restrictions apply.**

Timm has qualifications and experience in:
curriculum design
 teaching, specifically:
computer-integrated manufacturing

Jessie will also consider positions in writing or blogging which may be done remotely.

Please email any questions, requests for a resume, or job opportunities.

Today may be your lucky day! 
Submit a job for our approval today!

*job is required to pay more than our current position and/or increase our standard of living.
** Jobs in Nevada, New Mexico, or Arizona are prohibited by my aesthetic. It is likely that positions in the Dakotas will also not be considered.


Anonymous said...

Oh I just love you. This is awesome. It will happen, glad you are putting it out to the Universe (the blogging world is totally part of that)! Fingers crossed TX is somewhere in your future!

Tasha said...

Good lick Jessie! I am going to work on your list!

Tasha said...

If you're both gonna be in TX, I want to too!

michelle said...

I love this! "All you have to do is find Timm a job." Awesome.

Obviously I'm hoping for Utah. As are my kids.

linda said...

I know you guys need a new job but this is still a very sad blog for me! I know that it is possible that you might find a job here and I will pray for that. But, I don't even like hearing that you might be moving, that is sad, sad, sad so very sad!

ttanner said...

What about Boise? You've got us and Timm's parents! What more could you want? :)

Molly Krauss Smith said...

I'm on it! Please, oh please let it be Texas!!

Charlotte said...

In a purely selfish way, I'm rooting for Portland. Even though it wasn't on your list, I'm rooting for the NW anyway.

Susan said...

I know Timm has been lobbying for a retail management position with Black-eyed Susan...I just don't have that old manager's salary in the budget anymore that I paid Michael! But there is always that world famous woodworker that is close to our home...give him a try.

This post was too funny! I like your style.

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