Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Crown

I'm not generally one for tutorials- they take way too much forethought and time to put together. Plus, I usually make one of two kinds of things: Other people's ideas that I link to whenever possible, or 2. My own idea that is simple enough that photos pretty much explain it all. No tutorial needed. 
This is number 2.
Miranda emailed me asking about them and I have had other inquiries as well, so I thought I would post some detailed photos for any interested parties.
I made one for Bella too, but it was literally 30 minutes before everyone showed up for her party and I threw  it together. Not so pretty. She's due for a new one. Fiona's actually had some of that forethought that can be hard to come by.

Materials: wool-blend felt (duh), fabric scraps, 2 different ribbons, buttons, velcro, iron-on letter and embroidery thread. I also used Fray-Chek on the ends of my bow.

For this one I just measured the diameter of her head and added about 3 inches to allow for seam allowances and an overlap for the velcro. You can adjust this as needed. I drew out a scallop shape then cut the felt and my pink polka dot fabric from that pattern. Sew right sides together, leaving about 4 inches on the bottom to turn and clip and notch the corners and the curves. Iron carefully, using a press cloth directly on the felt. Depending on the materials used in the felt it can melt. Turning under the place you left open to turn, top stitch around the entire crown.

After that you can add any details you like. I used an iron-on letter for the monogram, stitched around that letter, sewed some buttons, embroidered some stars, sewed a thin grosgrain ribbon around the bottom of the crown and made the bow.
Measure your wearer's head to know where to place the velcro and sew on. 
It's really not hard. Didn't even really warrant a tutorial, like I said.
Not that that was much of a tutorial.
Bullet points, mostly.

In retrospect, I made hers way too tall. She looks like she is about to take part in some kind of initiation rite. A non-birthday related initiation rite. You should probably take that into account when you are designing your own. Bella's, while otherwise a bit dumb, was pointed and appropriately sized.

Luckily the birthday girl or boy or grownup won't mind. 
They're just thrilled to have their very own crown.


Miranda said...

Yay! Thank you! I'll probably all night before her birthday making one but isn't that what being a mother is all about?

Karli said...

I Totally covet & want {redundant, I know} your Valentine's wreath. Seriously cute. You are uber talented & I love it!

michelle said...

Love these.

{natalie} said...

that is a great idea. i love the embroidered stars the best.

Jill said...

It would not take me 30 minutes to make one of these...I think it would be a day-long project filled with swearing.

linda said...

I totally love the sweetie in the crown, of course the crown is cute too!

Tasha said...

Again I love it! YOu are on a roll. Creativity really does beget creativity!

Tasha said...

Again I love it! YOu are on a roll. Creativity really does beget creativity!

Anonymous said...

You dont me...I dont know anyone you know---just a girl in Arkansas who stumbled across your blog many moons ago. Anyway, you are so talented and enjoyable! You should really start marketing your blog and put some ads, etc---make some moneys off these gifts God has given you!!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO making my kids these for their bdays this year. Thanks for posting this right now...plenty of time before Kaylee turns 4!

Sophie said...

Jessie, I.LOVE.YOU. All of your posts make me laugh at some point or another, or make me miss you guys terribly. Or the more common... a combination of the two. Fiona is an ANGEL! That part about the initiation rite had me laughing for a good 5 minutes. You're the best. :)

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