Monday, February 21, 2011

February in the Carolinas

This is what late February looks like in NC. A high of 78, and a trip down to the greenway on Saturday. I felt like a good mom for several reasons. For one, I am prone to want to stay inside all the time, but my kids, not so much. 
So Good Mom Reason Number 1:  I chose to let my kids out of doors.
Good Mom Reason 2: I had to lift our super-heavy garage door that is broken and does not open anymore. Have you ever lifted a broken automatic garage door? Very heavy. So I lifted it, braced it on my shoulder, and used my feet to kick out the girl's bikes before closing it again. (Trying to gently let it down before I lost control and it fell with a loud clang and a shudder, narrowly missing my toes.)

(Fiona has the sweetest tricycle in existence. It is a Schwinn roadster.)

Bella, although a bit reticent, did well on her new bigger bike. Much taller than her old one.

Good Mom Reason Number 3: Fiona didn't last too long and I had to carry her tricycle. The whole time.

Good Mom Reason Number 4: After biking on the greenway, I let them play in the creek. 
Bella calls it the riverbank, which I love, but it's really just Clark's Creek. I love it though, and it runs all through the extensive greenway giving us several bridges and many opportunities for wading, skipping, and general exploring.

Good Mom Reason Number 5: I let them get muddy and wet.

(Yes, I made her clip for Valentine's Day...upside down.)

(I love this particular spot. Some other family was there catching crayfish.) 

Good Mom Reason Number 5: I let them go to the playground afterwards. And I still carried her tricycle the whole way home. It's all metal, including metal fenders, and pretty friggin' heavy for a tricycle.

I fully realize that these are pretty average accomplishments for the average mom and their kids, but I am a little slow on the parenting learning curve. Like I said, I am happy to stay indoors, but this is just another learning and growth opportunity that parenting provides. 

And best of all, Fiona took a nap that day.

I love living in the Carolinas. I love the beauty, the trees, the greenway and playground at the end of my street, and a 78 degree day in February.


{natalie} said...

I just told Ethan last night that we should move there. He could golf and I would be close to the beach.

78 sounds pretty good to me.

Way to go on carrying the trike.

Also, I saw a place on diners, drive-ins, and dives in Charlotte - I think it is called cabo fish taco maybe? Have you been there? I don't do fish but they looked really good.

Susan said...

Good mom, for sure! I would be wishing that Dad were along...

Way cute photos of the girls, but oh, my! That moss!! Why didn't you harvest that??!

Both girls looked like they had a great day. Good mom.

shannon said...

PA February has taken a turn for the worse as I just got up and discovered a mini snow storm...sigh...

I'm having some serious envy right now...A) your weather B) that bike!
that thing is wayyyyy cute!

The greenway sounds downright enchanting...That kind of day is good for the soul...(except for carrying the bike part)

Your mom is moss obsessed! :)

Erin said...

you are definitely a good mom!

i do have to agree with you spring in NC is amazing. I just wish the summer wasn't so brutal!

i am in love with fiona's tricycle.

michelle said...

I can't even stand how cute Fiona's sweater is! Ditto on the trike.

That creek looks like a child's dream to explore, I wish we had one of those nearby.

Whenever I go on an excursion like that, I feel like I should get some kind of mom award.

Anonymous said...

You are a rock star, no doubt about it!

Think of the core work you got done lugging that trike around :)

Serin said...

I'd say you're a Good Mom x 6! That's totally the kind of excursion that would be making me pat myself on the back.

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