Sunday, February 27, 2011

Man of the Year

Last week Timm called me from work to tell me that he was just awarded 'Teacher of the Year' at his high school. (There are about 100 teachers there-) I was so excited! I have always known that he is an exceptional teacher, and will tell anyone who will listen, but finally he is being recognized for it. This year he transferred to a prestigious new high school closer to us, which just opened this year. He was nominated by his peers, which I believe to be even more of a compliment. Even teachers recognize him as the best teacher. I could keep gushing; I'm just really proud of him. I've told everyone I encounter, even if it is not easily worked into the conversation. Did I mention he is Teacher of the Year? Cause he is. Linda was appropriately impressed when I told her, and suggested we have a dinner to celebrate. Blake and Hayden made him this sweet banner.

Paul, Linda, Blake and Hayden congratulated him on paper.

Linda prepared a typically wonderful fare according to Timm's preferences. Roast with potatoes and carrots, balsamic green beans, and a great salad. I made this awesome flourless chocolate cake, courtesy of Michelle. I didn't actually have any, but I have it on good account that it was awesome. Just happens to be flourless, so it was the perfect Gluten-Free dessert! I think I will keep this as a standby GF dessert. In your face, garbanzo bean flour!

The gang. (Sorry Sophie and Chase!)

Like I said, I've always thought of him as Teacher of the Year, but now he's being recognized for it. (Not financially, of course. Not really in any way other than verbally, but still.) It looks great on his resume, which has seen a lot of use lately, know what I mean? Also, did I mention that this is only his 4th year of teaching, and his first at this school? Cause it's true.
For our full mailing address where checks of congratulations can be sent, please email me and I will happily provide it.
Way to go, Timmy!


Claire said...

That is so wonderful!

Miranda said...

Yay Timm! So glad that he got the recognition that he so clearly deserves!

rmt said...

Yay! Way to go Timm! I always knew he would be an amazing teacher. He has the perfect personality and temperment for it. Tell him congrats for me!

You look beautiful in that pic, Jess!

Anonymous said...

So awesome!

Jolta said...

Sweet! Hooray for Timm!

linda said...

I totally enjoyed making dinner for him and am glad that we got to celebrate this wonderful achievement, with you all!

michelle said...

Way to go, Timm! It's nice to get recognition. Though it would be even nicer to get a big fat pay raise.

Very sweet of the Gilers to celebrate with you all.

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