Friday, February 25, 2011

Intentional Run-On

Dear Timmy,
Thank you for stopping at Harris Teeter on your way home from work at 9:00 at night to get me a Coke (1) and some salsa even though I didn't ask you to and you'd already worked a 15-hour day and had to go to bed before you worked another 15 hour day (2) and you were so tired but you know me well enough to know I really did want those things, I just didn't want to ask you to do it and since you know I don't have a car to go get them myself you just did it.
That was like a love letter.
I love you too.

p.s. Someday, watching a NatGeo documentary on the Aryan Brotherhood (however interesting it is) will not be what our dates consist of.

(1) One of my resolutions this year is to give up soda-namely Coke Zero- and I have been doing very well. I generally buy myself one once a week when I go grocery shopping, the exception being when my mom and dad came to visit and had the fridge well-stocked with it for their stay. I am going to get to where it's a special-occasion -out-to-eat rarity.
(2) My poor husband works-without complaint-about 60-65 hours a week including his commute between two jobs, neither of which pay enough. (I however, complain enough for the two of us.) Hence, my post imploring you to find us a new job informing you of an exciting opportunity.


{natalie} said...

i am trying to be off the diet coke as well. except my poison is diet cherry coke. i had one yesterday and it has lost it's luster a bit. i guess it's good to know i don't need a dc but i liked the idea of it being a treat. not sure if that makes sense.

that was very sweet of your husband to stop for you. i love things like that and it makes me so happy.

Charlotte said...

That is like a love letter! Once I came home and Josh had turned one of the straps I was sewing for a tote bag right side out because he knew I was getting so impatient with it. That was like a love letter to me.

And I think I have that NG documentary queued on the instant Netflix queue. . . . Like, really.

Charlotte said...

And I use intentional run-ons too sometimes.

michelle said...

I think those are the best kinds of love letters!

Susan said...

He is a sweetheart, for sure.

I would have to say I'm the lucky recipient of many love letters in selfless and assorted forms. Life is good when it happens.

I'm into run-ons as well, and sometimes do it to a fault. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

You are one lucky lady!

And he's a lucky dude :) Actions speak lounder than words and both of you are so good at showing your love!

rmt said...

Aw! Timm is one awesome guy!

And: you can totally do it! I have {mostly} given up Dr. Pepper. I drink it occasionally, and I feel okay with that.

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