Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Super Easy Valentine's Craft

I am conceding defeat to technology on this one.
Technology: 1.
Me: Zip.
I am using my desktop computer like a chump.

This here Valentine's craft is so easy, anyone can do it. Anyone who has a sewing machine. And felt. And/or a car to transport them to buy said felt and/or sewing machine. Luckily, I am of the former- those who have a sewing machine and felt, because I am not of the latter- those who have cars. Fancy people, I like to call them. You know who you are.
Behold: a Garland.

(At this point you should sit down and prepare yourself and your notebooks for a rather long tutorial. Grab a cup of whatever it is you drink, put a show on for your kids, turn off the phone.)

1. Cut hearts from felt, making it up as you go along so that every one of your aproximately 84 hearts are unique. I suppose you could make and use a template if you liked, but not me.
2. Chain stitch* them all together.
Did you get all of that?

{*Chain stitch is a sophisticated term that simply means you sew them all together, one after another without lifting your presser foot. Presser foot is a sophisticated term for the part of your sewing machine that holds your fabric down. Just keep feeding one heart after another, close enough so that they are touching, or almost. Continue until done.}

I used 6 colors and ordered them in a color gradation from light to dark. Incidentally, I ordered this beautiful 100% Merino wool felt from here, and I was so thrilled. It is beautiful and a joy to work with. I recommend taking the plunge and buying some of this for your next keepsake project. (i.e. the kind of thing you want to keep and display, not something your kid will make. There are "other" kinds of felt for "those kind" of projects.)
I was in a quandary over where to hang them, and I finally settled on my piano. I doubled it back so that I have 2 strands. I'm still not sure if I love it there, but there it will stay for this Valentine's Day.

Fiona really wanted me to show you her kirt. (skirt)
Also her bellybutton apparently.

She has two skirts that she alternates between and wears them 24/7 night and day. That is, she wears one over her jammies every night, and the only way we get them off of her on Sunday morning is because a twirly dress trumps a twirly skirt every time.
Also, she evidently still thinks the pirate face is her best look.
This coming from a girl who wears this skirt over fleece elephant footie pajamas.

I have at least 2 more Valentine's things already made that feature some of that same Merino wool felt.
To come.


michelle said...

My favorite kind of project - quick, easy, and very cute! And now I have felt envy.

Anonymous said...

So freaking cute Jess!

michelle said...

p.s. I have a car, but I'm one of those chumps who only has a desktop computer...

Erin said...

oh, I just love felt garlands! the colors you chose are great!

GCC said...

Two things:
1. I think we have the exact same kind of piano (it was a gift from our neighbor who was about to send it to goodwill).
2. My little guy does the pirate face! I think it might be the opposite eye that he closes. But I have never shown him your blog. How old was Fiona when she started making the face?

{natalie} said...

that garland is super sweet and maybe i will make one for next v-day. i love it.

Jolta said...

Oooh, I love this! Alas, I'm too late this year. Don't have my sewing machine accessible yet anyway.

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