Sunday, March 06, 2011

Dinner Tonight

Spring is unofficially here in the Carolinas, so last week's menu planning featured a couple of strawberry recipes. In anticipation for spring to officially be here, I bought 5 quarts of strawberries on sale. Perhaps prematurely. I combined both of those recipes for dinner tonight and was struck at the pretty sight that our table provided.

I made Strawberry Quinoa Salad (from Weight Watchers) and Timm made this old recipe for Springtime Strawberry Soup, also from Weight Watchers.

Though beautiful, I was actually really disappointed in the salad. I hardly ever dislike a recipe I make, simply because in reading it I can usually tell if it is something I will like. The degree to which I like something I've made may vary, but it is usually enjoyable and something I would make again. Not so much with this salad. I think I might not like the arugula as a base for it, which is surprising because I thought I liked arugula. 
("Aru-gu-la, it's a veg-e-table.") Timm liked it however, so maybe you should still give it a whirl. I added a diced yellow bell pepper to the recipe.

The strawberry soup however, is delicious. My mom and I discovered this recipe about 10 years ago when I was home from BYU. Even Bella ate it, if that tells you anything. And it should.

I love seasonal food. I love springtime veggies. And summertime fruit. And fall and winter veggies. As much as I love seasonal food, I think I would have a hard time eating totally locally. I like my produce shipped around the world if it means I can have bananas each morning, or lemons any time of the year. Eating locally makes me afraid of limiting my produce options based on the time of year. I'm very shortsighted like that. I've been thinking a lot about food lately, growing upon about a dozen books I've read on the subject in the last 2 years, and changes I've finally begun to implement.
I have food on the mind.


Miranda said...

Okay, you HAVE to read that book now. Pretend you didn't see that I gave it two stars. I reeeeeally want to chat with you about it.

I'm sorry that you didn't like that salad because it really is beautiful. And that soup! I will make that as soon as spring makes an appearance here in Idaho. Ahem.

Susan said...

I think it's the yellow pepper that is the stinker! It looks beautiful and good to me. Perhaps we can make it when I come for another trial..without the peppers!!

Yes, that soup is good. I haven't made it in many years. Yum.

michelle said...

Hey, how come I've never heard of that soup?! It looks gorgeous.

I love arugula. (and I say that movie line frequently. My kids have no idea what I'm talking about.) But the jury's still out on quinoa for me.

Anonymous said...

Pink strawberry soup? Is it more like a smoothie in a bowl? Does Timm like it? Looking at the recipe I can only picture it as dessert or like bfast. But I am so curious...

Strawberries and yellow pepper wouldn't pair well for me, but that salad LOOKS good. I hate when something I thought would be awesome just isn't. It's such a bummer.

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