Monday, March 07, 2011

Bad Habit

I have a bad habit. 
Well, many of them actually, but for the sake of time I am only going to outline one of them for you now. Consider this a blanket apology (albeit a sincere, mass apology) for the many who have suffered at my hand, and a pledge to reform.
When I receive correspondence- be it email, blog comments, a phone message, or a letter, I receive it with great anticipation and then immediately respond.
In my head.
This mostly applies to email. I will read it and then quickly respond with "ha ha ha that's so funny", or "yes I agree we should totally do that" or something similar. Then I'm done and done.
In my mind, I have responded and fulfilled my side of the verbal transaction and I am satisfied. 
Except later when it occurs to me that I did not actually respond, I just had a conversation with myself in my head that the correspondent was not privy to. So I keep the email in my inbox, fully expecting to come back to it. Then a few days pass. Sometimes weeks, occasionally months. Sometimes I will eventually get to it and fulfill a real response which I actually send. Often it just gets deleted after so much time has passed and it seems irrelevant. 
But remember, in my head, we actually had that conversation. 
You just don't know about it.


michelle said...

I have the same problem. Not so much with blogs, but definitely with emails. (Thus the reason that I never responded to your mothering rant, although I fully intended to...)

And lots of times, I have these internal conversations with people and then never actually say the things I intended to, because I thought I already did. It's a problem.

Your writing cracks me up.

{natalie} said...

i do the same thing. or i read an email on my phone and want to wait until i'm home to type on a real keyboard to reply. but then i never do. it's annoying.

Anonymous said...

Guilty. Let us all start a support group. I will say that FB has made it easier to NOT do this because when a thought or a quick reply is needed, I can just post it on their wall or whatever. Silly, I know. But it works!

Tasha said...

I am often guilty of the same thing!

Susan said...

Hm mm. I guess that explains it, then.

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