Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skirt Tutorial Roundup

Remember, oh, nearly 7 months ago when I endeavored to make Bella a wardrobe of skirts? And I promised to post the links to all the tutorials I used? Yeah. So, here we are. I haven't made all the skirts I planned yet, but I have all the fabric cut and ready to go for a few more when I find the time. So, with no further ado:
I love this 2-layer one, and it is Bella's favorite because of the ultimate twirl factor. I think the pattern is quite pretty, but it is longer than I anticipated. Here is the tutorial. I definitely plan on making more from this pattern.
(note: If you make this skirt, make sure you finish the edge of the bottom layer of the skirt before you sew on the ric rac. This will make sense if you read through the tutorial. In her version, she does not have you finish it, and I figured that sewing the ric rac and then flipping it-again, if you read it will make sense- would be enough of a finished edge but it is not. Threads galore.)
This is my least favorite one, despite the really cute fabric. It's probably not the pattern's fault since I tweaked it. That was really dumb of me to think I knew better than the pattern before I had ever made it, and am quite an amateur to begin with. So, lesson learned. I will try it again and learn to follow directions this time. See it here.
I love the fabrics for this one. This is a really good straightforward tutorial for a tiered skirt that can be adapted to any length you want. Clear, simple and cute. You could make the same skirt and it will look different every time depending on the fabrics you choose.
This was the first one I made. I love it except that it is so much fabric gathered onto such a tiny waist that it is way too bulky. The tie is a really cute touch, and it has great twirl factor however. I think it would be better adapted for a bigger person where the waist wouldn't be so bulky. I might make one for me in fact. Great pattern, just not for tiny littles.

This one is from One Yard Wonders. I think I liked it until I finished it with the ribbon and the button. Now it's just 'meh'.
(It's pleated.)
This is another skirt from the same pattern in One Yard Wonders, and I like this one much better. In fact, I love this one. You may remember it from her first day of school outfit.
I just added the buttons to it. The buttons on the pleats plus the grosgrain bow and the script melt my heart. Oh I just love it. I could frame this picture.
This is another one made from the tiered skirt tutorial and I love it. Love the pink, the monochromatic. Love any mixture of polka dots and stripes.

Okay, this is another favorite. It was a pattern adapted from the twirly skirt that was too bulky. She added a drop waist to ease the bulk into the waistband and it works out perfectly. Plus, I used Anne Kelle fabric, which I adore.
So there you have it. The 8 skirts I made her in about a 2 week period. I have about 5 more waiting in the wings. Some of them use the same patterns again, and I have one or two new ones to try. I'll be sure to link to them, hopefully within 7 months of their creation.
I love having girls!


{natalie} said...

i am seriously impressed that you made all of those skirts. they look great. i love the one w/the script on it. i have a really hard time sewing from a pattern, i'm only good at small things. i hope to get better.

michelle said...

Oh my goodness. The red buttons added to the handwriting skirt! I am in love. I want that exact. same. skirt.

I have piles of fabric waiting to be sewn into skirts. Somewhere, under piles of other things on my desk...

rmt said...

How lucky are your girls to have such a cute, crafty, creative mom? I mean, wow!

I think the strawberry one is my favorite, but i like all of them!

Denise said...

I am seriously dying over all of those darling fabrics.

linda said...

I love the one you are just "meh" over, but must admit, they are all darling!

Bridget said...

Jealous! So wish I knew how to sew-but I have no time to learn! Can I hire you??!!

Anonymous said...

I am loving all the links! Don't know which one I want to make first...hm...

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