Wednesday, January 11, 2012

She Says

Me: Wasn't it fun to have the Lees over for dinner last night?
Bella (age 6): Yeah. Want to know what we played?
Me: Sure.
B: We acted out a scripture story!
Me: Ohh, that sounds fun! (thinking. Oh my gosh- they are such dorks.)
       Which one did you act out?
B: The Man Possessed By Evil Spirits.
Me: Oh dear!
B: What 'Oh dear'?
Me: Nothing. Who played what parts?
B: Well, Mia was Jesus.
Me: Okay, who was the man possessed?
B: Well there was only one boy!
Me: I don't know, Mia played Jesus, so...
B: Truman was the man. I read the story while they acted it out.
    And I was a pig.
Me: Aha.
B: We used hangers on Truman to be the chains he was tied up with that he could break out of.

(She really like to read the simplified, illustrated scriptures. She chooses an extra scripture story for her story each night, then often takes them to bed and continues reading. Oh dear.)


Molly said...

So glad you're back!!! And even better that you lead off with a Bella quote. Isn't it funny what kids take away from them? Lately my Mia's been intrigued with killing. She's acted out the destruction of each new Disney princess figurine thanks to the scary abominable snowman in the Rudolph movie. Go figure.

Diana said...

bella is so funny!

Tasha said...

I second Molly, so glad you are back to blogging! You've been missed!

Rin said...

I remember that stage:) Didn't you go through it too? :)

linda said...

I third that, glad to see you're back! Sophie would so love that story and to have been there, all the better!

At least they weren't playing doctor!

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