Friday, March 09, 2012

Some New Looks

My red hair was quite the great divider- those who liked it were effervesent in their praise, and those that didn't studiously avoided the subject all together. My mom was one in the latter camp- one who never spoke a word of it, but you could easily intimate her derisive feelings. So, when word reached her that I was ready for a change, she readily offered to pay for whatever would erase the ill-effects of my shot at individuality and self-expression, as a 30-year old woman.
So this was 2 weeks ago, a very faded version:

This is today. Darker, monochromatic, and shorter. I alternate between straight and wavy, but wavy wins more days because this is what it looks like when I do nothing. I take a shower, let it dry for  couple of hours and then add some product to reduce frizziness. Can't beat that!

Remember, I'm all about making laziness work for me.
 There have been a lot of other changes around the house in the last few months, and I thought I might finally document these. So first up will be the girl's room, which they now share. It is a small room, so because of the bold paint and the large furniture, I tried to keep the rest of it pretty simple and uncluttered.

This is my favorite part of the room- I found this mid-century reproduction (from the 80's) on Craigslist for $50. Of course, when I bought it is was oak, reeking of smoke, and had doors on either end. It took a lot of primer, sanding and paint, but I am smitten. I love it. Plus, it's over 6 feet long, so it holds a lot of clothes for 2 girls.

 (The view when you come in the door)


Above it is a collection of frames which includes various prints, both purchased and  printed for free, photos of my 3 girls and their favorite toys, and my favorite, a study of a wildebeest mid-chew. I took it at a Charlotte favorite family spot, the Lazy 5- Ranch, often referred to as the 'redneck zoo'. I loved the fine details of the hairs on his muzzle, the long string of spittle spanning his upper and lower jaws- I just love it. How many places can you display the giant maw of a wildebeest? Not many. Perhaps some would say none- but I love it. It's detail, it's whimsy.

This owl is another favorite- it was obviously a hideous production of the 70's when I found it at Goodwill, but armed with my trusty companion spray paint, voila! Beautiful.

Timm built bunk beds for the girls, and I outfitted them to be what I would have loved as a child. A perfect little personal cave that could hide you from the rest of the world, with all you need inside: books, a light, and a curtain to close around you.

Each bed has a bedside light, a small bookshelf, and a wire with clips for favorite artwork or photos.

I was able to sew and line both curtains all with fabric I had on hand. (I used 2 old green twin sheets for the linings)

I love me some pretty patchwork of vibrant fabrics.

We used a curtain hanging system from Ikea to hang them so they would pull all the way around the 2 open sides of the beds.

(Curtains closed)

(Curtains open)


I love this little wall-hanging metal doohickey we use for their scriptures.

I used a Command hook on the side of their dresser that faces the wall so I could inconspicuously hang their cd books for nighttime listening.

And of course, this little pretty for their door. 
I am very pleased with the transformation of what used to be Fiona's nursery, and with their transition to sharing a room. That leaves what is now termed the play room, or Bella's former bedroom. 
The last few months have brought a few other improvements around here, which I hope to document shortly.
I love the team that Timm and I make- between both of our vision and know-how, we can really bust out quite a few projects- and now that he's home more with his new job, we've had the time. So more to come.


Claire said...

Those are the best bunk beds!

Anne said...

Love both hairdo's, and that room? You're kind of amazing. I so wish you could decorate my nursery. I'm drawing the biggest blank!

Paula said...

where did you get that lamp? I am about to make my two girls share a room and that lamp is perfect! love all the ideas.

Watson Family said...

You are so beautiful, truly... and the girl's bedroom- absolutely stunning, even moreso knowing that you designed and decorated it together!

{natalie} said...

1. i love your hair and i'm insanely jealous of the wavy craziness you have going on. mine is super straight and blah.

2. the girls' room looks amazing. i love the bunkbed, love the curtains and love how you put it about having a spot with a lamp to read.

3. the collage on the wall looks so cool. great job rounding up so many different things. it makes me want to rearrange Addi's art wall. maybe i will tomorrow.

4. i am happy to see you blogging.

Jill said...

Welcome back!

Your hair looks great!

I love what you've done with the girls' room and am feeling so sorry for my kids and their ugly bedroom! I may or may not have been reduced to tears when telling my walking buddy about your girls' cute room this mornign!

JessWilson said...

Seriously Jessie, you are so talented!! The girls room is adorable and I love all of the little details that makes it whimsical and special. Also, I love your hair. You are so beautiful!

Denise said...

That bed is the cutest darn thing I've ever seen. And it would have been my total dream bed as a little girl. LOVE. IT.

Love your hair, too. Oh--and love you, too.

Miranda said...

So what you're telling me is that if you don't do anything your hair looks like that? Dang. Because, I really want to keep being friends, but I'm not positive I can cope with the jealousy.

That dresser and those bunk beds are killer. Absolutely fabulous!

Rob said...

Visiting from another blog. I just love what you did with their beds. That is so awesome. I would love to do that with my boy's bedroom but the third boy would feel so left out. Very fun ideas.
-Diedre Gray

michelle said...

I love your hair! I got mine cut recently and was going for something kind of like that, but it's actually nothing like that. Partly because of the cut and partly because my hair is just TOO curly! Nothing like your lovely waves.

Love the girls' room! That piece of furniture is pretty much to die for. And I think the beds with curtains are every child's idea of perfection. Did you make the curtains instead of quilts?

Rin said...

LOVE the wildebeast pic. I might need a copy for my own framing. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Also, love the curtains on the bunk beds and the little bookshelf. brilliant. I sorta want that for myself:)

Unknown said...

Love. Love it all.

And, I never tried to hold back my feelings for the crayon red hair...but, like Grandma always said, you get to choose. Nevertheless, I was more than happy to fund the change.

Most of all, I love you!

emily said...

Those really are dream bunks! You are amazing.

I also love your hair. I'm a little disappointed that you didn't wait until I could try my hand. Our experiences dying and cutting together have been such successes, you know.

Btw, every time I remember that you're coming to the wedding I get giddy!

Molly said...

I love, love, love it! As usual, you and Timm make the best creations. Now I want to come experience those bunk beds in person....

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