Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random thoughts of Uselessness

Following is a lot of random information:
*I love days like this- lots of blustery snow falling while I get to sit in my warm house sipping Postum, just watching it all happen. No place to go. It's days like this that I LOVE being a stay-at-home mom! I apologize to everyone who has to haul themselves out and commit themselves to the shackles of the work-a-day world today!
Okay, I just went it to check on Bella and her bum was all wet. Finding it hard to believe that she was wet, I did a little investigating and found that she had pulled out at least half of the wipes in the package. I didn't know she even knew how to open it! There was a heap of wipes at least 6 inches tall, and I was going to take a picture, but guess what? That's right, my camera doesn't work. How can an aspiring Hall of Famer not have a working camera?)
*Which leads me to say that today is the day. The day that I will not hear from Creating Keepsakes. Today is the day that the rules state that the winners will be notified by phone. I really have no expectations. I wish like anything that I could win- that would be my dream come true, but I really don't feel like I will, and that's okay. Even if I did win, I couldn't tell you because they make you sign a confidentiality agreement until they release the names to the 'press'.
*Today is also book club day, at my house. I am making Lemon Chicken with rice and broccoli with Blue Cheese sauce. (Not Weight Watchers friendly... I'm struggling and wish I had a live-in diet 'pogner' like my mom.) We are reading White Oleander which I couldn't even bring myself to read (sorry BC- we'll discuss tonight!)It'll be fun to hang out with the girls :)
*Have you heard about the side effects they've discovered to the sleep drug Ambien? So weird! First was the 'sleep driving' where people wouldn't even remember getting int he car and would arrive at a destination and wake up. Now- 'sleep eating'! They news said that it aroused a 'caveman-like' instinct to binge eat, consuming thousands of calories without ever waking up. Ew. Caveman eating!
* I just went in to check on Bella again, and I couldn't find her! (It's a small room, and she's gated in, so there weren't a whole lot of possibilities short of child-abduction.) She had climbed under the gate and climbed all the way to the top of the stairs, and was looking down at me, beaming. (I have to keep the gate raised off the ground so my cats can get under.)She loves to climb stairs, and is really fast. I guess I'll have to lower the gate a bit...
*Have you seen the weirdest, creepiest, dumbest, and just plain freaky Skittles commercial? The guy is sitting in a job interview and has like 3-foot long beard that is also a hand and is feeding him Skittles, then he also feeds the interviewer woman a Skittle with his hairy beard hand? It's gross, creepy, and makes absolutely no sense. Anyone? ('Bueller, Bueller?')
*Have you heard about this autistic boy, "J-Mac"? He's a high school kid, and apparently has worked as a manager of his HS basketball team, sitting on the bench for a couple of years. Recently at a game, his coach put him in for the first time and in just a few minutes he scored like 20 points, tying the HS record!!! It's making national news, he met the president, all kids of good stuff. It warmed my heart :)
* Those are my various tidbits of random information this morning. Oh, and for a birthday update, visit Shell's site for a picture of her presents!!
(I really need to get a camera. And soon.)


dpw said...

I love picturing Bella at the top of your stairs beaming down at you! What a darling.

I love all the M's for Michelle's birthday!

I wish I had some lemon chicken for breakfast....

rmt said...

Wow. Today is just not a good day to tell my how much you love the snow. I just delivered 230 newspapers in it, and it took so long that I finished too late to make it to my class at UVSC! And we have a test on Monday! And it's not like I get any extra money for all my troubles, oh no, that would be too much to ask. Stupid Daily Herald. Sorry, you'll have to forgive me for using your blog to complain.
That's not a surprise to me about Ambien. I used to take it, and once a friend came over not too long after I had taken one and I had a conversation with him and everything, but the next morning I did not remember him ever being there. Very weird. Kinda creepy, actually. I think the "sleep-eating" thing sounds rather hilarious in an unfortunate way (maybe I'll start telling people that's how I got fat) and the "sleep-driving" thing is rather frightening.
See you tonight!

michelle said...

I can't believe that about Bella climbing all the way up the stairs! Eva has never had the opportunity, so I don't even know if she could do it. Scary.

RE: HOF. I am pulling for you. I really hope you get that call today!

Jill said...

What is up with not reading your book club book? I can't believe Michelle didn't comment about that. I'm stunned Jessie, really stunned (especially after you've heard Michelle and I complain about that for years.) Do explain.

--The Amien thing is very creepy.
--I haven't seen the terrifying Skittles commercial, and now fear it.
--Bella going up the stairs is cute and resourceful of her. It really sucks that your camera isn't working.
--I've seen the footage of J-Mac scoring all those points and it's awesome.
--Good luck with the Hall of Fame situation. No doubt you'll hold your breath every time the phone rings today.

Jill said...

P.S. I was just looking at your links and you've got Jenn's blog with the name Amy on it. FYI

little charlotte said...

ah I love snowy days with nothing to do. I also like rainy days like that. here it's pretty sunny and windy and almost all the snow's melted. that commercial sounds really freaky . . . and lemon chicken sounds really good.

Diana said...

those are great thoughts. I couldn't bring myself to finishing reading White Oleander. Every day that I read it ( 2 days) I had nightmares about Kira being abducted.

Robin said...

Holy crap, that's awesome. I love random thoughts posts!

Snow day: I enjoy those kinda days too, but alas, they don't happen very often. I was trudging to class in the slush.
HOF: I'm definitely rooting for you! You should give us some kind of sign at Book Club tonight ;)
Book Club: I'm excited, and dinner sounds delicious. I am interested to discuss the book - see everyone's take on it.
Bella: What a rascal! She's so cute - I don't get to see her very often because whenever we hang out she's always in bed, hehe.
Ambien: Weird. I'm with Rachelle, I should start blaming my calorie intake on sleep eating.
Skittles: Haven't seen it...but sounds disturbing. Ew.
J-Mac: That's awesome! I'll have to do a search on it to get more info (:

Alrighty, I will see you tonight! I'll try and come over around 6:30 or so - my VT's are stopping by at 6 for a few, but I will head over soon after that.

Anonymous said...

Love the randomness. I remember the first time Mya figured out the diaper wipe thing, very funny. If CK doesn't call you, I will be bummed for you because I know how great you really are. You can be in my HOF with Katrina and a few others. I am stoked to see you tonight and eat a dinner that has no effort from me involved- well except for the dessert part, but that is minimal at best. Have not seen the skittles commercial, I can't even remember the last time I saw a commercial actually/sadly. Sounds creepy enough though.

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