Saturday, March 04, 2006

Trip Update

I hope that I am able to upload pictures.. we are having some technical complications here. It's too bad because now I am in serious need. You see, I have been demoted from Jill's blog from Creative Genious, to just some girl who's giving up sugar. Now I have to try and prove some creativity once again- we'll see. I am trying to post a few pictures of some of the interior of the book I made for my parents. (Oh, they are the recipient of the "If not for You" book.)
Anyway, here we are in windy Philadelphia, my home town. I lived here from the time I was 7-17 and loved it. Now I call Utah home and love it as well, which surprises no one more than it does me.
Like Shell stated, the travel went as well as could be expected. I was very fortunate to sit next to a very kind Indian woman who was just leaving her 6 month old grandaughter, so she was in baby mode. She held her so I could go to the bathroom, talked to her, played with her, helped keep her distracted, and otherwise didn't mind if she got kicked or screamed at. (Though in Bella's defense, there was very little screaming to be had.) The man on the other side of me was a very large man who consumed 3, maybe 4 Beefeater Vodka Tonics, while watching Gunsmoke. (What's up with the name Beefeater?)When we were in a 'holding pattern' waiting to be waved in to land Bella finally started to fuss which prompted a woman to ask me if I had a bottle of tea. She was convinced that she was having trouble with her ears and I should give her tea. (Why would I have a bottle of tea on hand, for a baby no less?) I told her I thought she was just tired, but she said 'No, it's her ears.' Well alrighty then.
Sleeping was a dream last night. Okay that was lame. No pun intended. I'm sleeping on $800 sheets with a featehr bed on top. It is nicer than the finest hotels could offer and a whole lot cuter, cheaper, and friendlier. We are expecting to see Erin later today so I will follow with details!


Jill said...

Okay, you did it again--your creative genius status is restored. This book is darling, and I'm so glad you posted several photos. It's amazing, plus gratitude is attractive and it seems you've gotten good at it.

As for the name Beefeater...I don't know anything about Vodka, but Frontier Pies used to has a sandwich named The Beefeater and I always thought that was just bad marketing. (They ended up going out of business.)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you made it there safe and sound. That book is amazing looking, not that we would expect you to do anything less! Have fun and hope to see you blogging off often :)

Timm said...

I like the name beefeater. sound robust and strong with a full flavor that goes down well and leaves a meaty aftertaste. plus, it makes me think that my muscles would get huge. beefeater. Beefeater. BeefEater. BEEFEATER. It looks good in all caps (don't you think?). BEEFEATER, teh choice of the next generation...and the last generation, and this generation. BEEFEATER. BEEEEFFFEEEEATERRRRR!!

rmt said...

Your book is totally adorable. Even cuter in real life. I'm glad that traveling went well and that you're having a good time. I didn't know it was possible to spend $800 on sheets. I'm a little uncultured, I guess! Thanks for blogging off!

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