Thursday, June 07, 2007


It's been a while for any updates from me, even for the prodigal blogger. I actually have eventful updates that have some significance to someone out there (I'm just assuming...) so here goes with it:
We have a moving date: It is Wednesday July 25th- our anniversary. (Celebrate, good times. woohoo.) I guess I've kept some of my friends up on the developments of our relocation, but not all. This has been a while coming- Timm accepted a job in Charlotte, and we're truckin out there. Literally. Timm will drive a 24-ft U-Haul, (we have a lot of stuff!) and my friend Erin and I, along with the 2 hairless cats and Bella will follow in my car. I know, some of you are up in arms. I knew this would be a consequence of posting, but I did so anyway in the spirit of documentation-I am sorry that I did not ask anyone else if they wanted to drive 4 days with me, my 2 hairless cats loose in the car, and a very active 2-year old strapped reluctantly into her carseat. I had to make a decision, and Erin seemed a likely candidate since she has no kids as of yet. Again, I know many of you are disappointed, but please try to see my perspective and forgive me.
Moving on- I am going house hunting two weeks from tomorrow for 6 days without Bella! I have only been away from her once for less than 3-days when Timm took her on a road trip to give me my scrap weekend. I think it will be liberating and hard for all 3 of us- Timm, who is not used to being a solo parent, I, who am all too familiar with largely being a solo parent, and Bella who is also used to my constant presence. Charlotte is flying up for the first 3 or 4 days so Timm can attend his Wood turning Symposium. (again, celebrate good times.)
We shall see..
About a week ago, I assembled an inflatable pool for Bella's backyard delight this summer. It was only about 65 degrees or so, and the water came straight from the hose so needless to say, it was cold.

Does she look like she minds?

Hannah and Mya came over to share in the fun, and Mya was a good sport for a while. Bella however stayed in, albeit only knee-deep, despite obvious signs of hypothermia setting in.
We also inadvertently bought them the same bathing suit at Target. (As did Diana for Kira!) But why would that be surprising: It's lime green polka dots (coco lots). Who wouldn't buy that?
One last update for now, although I have more forthcoming. (As they regard the state of my mental health, I'm not sure how many of you will be vying for the next installment...)
I am Wireless! Seriously celebrating good times now. My dad bought us a wireless card, nauseated by the thought of us still stuck with incredibly slow dial-up. I now enjoy the luxury of searching for houses online, whilst boring people on the phone with an account of what I see online. It's some serious sitting on my butt time, which frankly, I am lacking a little in my life. I can always use another excuse or hobby that requires me stationed in a chair or on the couch for significant periods of time. It works wonders for my weight-loss aspirations. As well as my being part of society-relinquishing my actual recluse status and participating in my world in more direct terms than from my window, email, or phone conversations. Whew.
My phone is ringing as I write this- Surreal. My phone is ringing while I'm online! Do you get this? I'm in the 21st century now, baby.


mom said...

Okay, if turning you wireless means back to blogging, hurray! The photos of Bella are WAY too cute! It's sad that she looks alot older than she did a few weeks does that happen? The whole sound of the moving trip sounds spooky, and I guess I did't realize how soon. Thanks for the words and cute photos!

Hannah said...

I was wondering when/if you would blog again before the big move. Glad to see you back in business- and at a higher speed to boot.

I hope the weather is better next week so the girls can have more pool action. Mya has actually asked if we are going swimming again over there- so it was a success after all.

You looked so cute today BTW- hair, earrings, clothes...the unpractical shoes :)

michelle said...

Who wouldn't buy that suit indeed? I know I would. So glad you're wireless -- it feels good to be in the 21st century eh? It's been quite a few months for us and I still get giddy about being able to use the phone will being online... and about all that moving nonsense, no comment.

Jill said...

Now that you're wireless we should be seeing more of you around right? Comments and posts? No excuses eh? I had already stopped checking for updates from you but then Amie asked if you'd updated and I decided to check. We need you lady.

Robin said...

That's awesome, I didn't know you guys went wireless! Isn't it liberating? ;)

Those pictures of Bella and Mya are too cute. Bella cracks me up when she comes to see the "Bunnies" and "Mark." I'm just, you know, the weird girl who lives at the aforementioned animals/person's house. Though she did make a good effort with my name yesterday, it made me proud. (:

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Wow, Bella is finally starting to look like you. Now she's all you and no Timm.

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