Friday, August 17, 2007

'Last Days' - in a non-Biblical sense.

I do not yet have the capabilities to upload any pictures I have taken since our departure. So until that is set up (with Timm's return) I will do a little review gallery of our last few days in Utah.Timm and I, hanging out at Shell's a couple days before we left. Photo, courtesy of Shell.

SUCH a cute picture of Timm and Shell! I love it. I love that Timm loves my family- Shell is a favorite of his.
Timm having Eva in a fit of tickle-induced giggling!
Me and Hannah at the surprise party she threw for us! (What's with the throbbing vein in my forehead? I have had it for as long as I know, and it is reminiscent of Julia Roberts, minus the charm.)
Diana and sweet, calm Josh at the same party. They pulled a late night for their kids so they could attend!
I *love* this picture of Hannah.

The guys + Diana enjoying a game of boccie ball while the rest of us girls eat and socialize. (of course.)
Another cute shot of Jill and Shell.

Final shot of my cute little Bookclub at Diana's house. Hannah took some embarrassing and incriminating photos that night (as usual!) that I am still waiting to surface. They were pretty funny.
And... Blogger's being a jerk and not letting me load any more, so until later... posse out.


charlotte said...

Did you really say "posse out"? That's awesome homie g.

Diana said...

I love the pictures. I will forever have such great memories of all the things we did the last month together (well all our memories but especially the last month)
Miss you and love you.

dpw said...

A often have a pulsing vein in my forehead, too, in pictures! I hate it! I've never noticed you having one before. Love the headband in your hair in the bookclub picture.

michelle said...

I have to say I guess I'm not ready to revisit these photos yet. Just too fresh still, I suppose! Although I do love the first one of you and Timm together...

Hannah said...

I do have many, many pictures of worries though, I won't waste my hand made efforts on them. There sure are some great ones though. I love that pic of Michelle and Timm. They all make my heart ache.

Robin said...

These are all such great pictures!'s still so weird sometimes to think that you are across the country! I'm just glad that geographical location doesn't determine friendship/communication. Ah, bless you sweet technology (though granted, it's nowhere near as awesome as actually *having* you here. Just making the best of the situation) ;)

Jill said...

That picture of Michelle and Timm is so cute. The other ones are too, but there's something rather marvelous about that one.

I'm dying for pictures of your new house, how much longer must we wait??

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