Monday, June 22, 2009

The Outer Banks

For 3 years running my family was able to go to an amazing 2 million dollar beach house in Charleston, South Carolina thanks to the generosity and talents of my mom and dad. One year they invited us to Nantucket as well, due to the same generosity and talent. However, the last 2 years have been beach-less which is a travesty. The beach (or 'shore' if you're an Easterner like me-)has long been my favorite getaway, respite, and true vacation. This year Timm was able to hook us up with a house in the Outer Banks, North Carolina and my parents footed the bill, allowing us to convene there with them as well as Ryan and Miles. Last Sunday morning we made the 6+hour drive to the coast to spend the week in Morehead City. We could only stay until the following Friday and I am now in the post-weekend hangover/mourning mode.
This little Sandpiper laid a nest in a seemingly ill-planned place right under a small tree by the road and our driveway. She chirped and cheeped in loud protestations every time we came near which was frequently. She and her mate also entertained us with diversions and distractions of every kind. We hoped for the eggs to hatch before we left, but after monitoring it several times a day we left the eggs as they were. I love beach wildlife.
This house in Morehead City was located on the Bogue Sound, right on the water. As in, their backyard was the water. They had their own dock. It was so delightful. Here is said dock.
This is the side entrance where we came and went. I love the Carolina Jessamine growing around the door and the beautiful hydrangea bushes flanking its side.
This is the rear of the 3-story house, seen from the dock-a frequent vantage point.
Timm's idea of fishing. I don't blame him.
I painted my and Bella's toes a couple of days before we left and neither one of ours held up too well. I blame the demise of my polish on running, and Bella's on being a 4-year old.
We made many trips back and forth across that dock.
This was the rock buffer along the beach behind the house.
Our access onto the beach during high tide.

One of the rocking chair porches we spent a lot of time on. It seemed there was always a gentle breeze off the water and it would rock the chairs. I loved it.
This was one of our views to the right. That bridge is the causeway over the water to Atlantic Beach, and my dad and I went running to, over, across, and back twice while on vacation.
Our dock as seen from the deck off the living room. One of my ultimate favorite things to do was lay on a lounge chair on this deck and read. The surf was constantly lapping, the breeze cooling the air, sea birds cawing and the occasional boater going by. Private, serene, picturesque. Ryan and Miles could usually be seen fishing at the end of the dock with the rest of us frequently going across the dock or swimming in the sound.

Across the water you could see all of the colorful houses on Atlantic Beach.

Sailboats were common visitors to the sound. Bella aptly called this one the 'candy corn' boat.

Fiona enjoying some one-on-one dotage from both grandparents.

She soaked every bit of it up.

Sigh. I just love the beach. It is the perfect destination. It just feels right when we're there- the water, the salty air, the spray, the vibe, the community, the lackadaisical attitudes, even the humidity...It feels right, like we belong, like the way the world should be. A sense of utopia. A life and a lifestyle I could readily adopt. One I really want to adopt. I dream of it. I yearn.
I fell in love with the neighboring town of Beaufort in particular, which I will document in detail later. I feel like it is my destiny to realize a life in a sleepy beach town with my family. Maybe someday it will happen or maybe I will have to wait for the Celestial Kingdom, but in either event I am holding on to the dream.So what did we enjoy while there? The usual good food, many many games of Bananagrams in which Timm drove me insane with his speedy plays, a wonderful birthday celebration, naps, sleeping in, lots of help with the girls, catching up with Ryan and Miles, enjoying the dotage of my parents, swimming, reading, lounging, walking the beach, collecting shells, and finally exploring the other beaches and nearby towns.
For the most part our little piece of the beach on the sound fulfilled all of my beach needs. It was private, we could swim, fish, stroll, lay in the sun...we rarely needed to leave for anything. I wish we still hadn't left in fact.
My thoughts are so disjointed right now and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I am trying to haphazardly watch tv while I write this and remember...I need to reflect in a quieter environment.
More later.


Denise said...

*sigh* Wish I could have been there, too! Sounds dreamy.

kim said...

Beautiful pictures! Sounds like you had a great time. =)

Susan said...

It cracked me up when Jessie asked me if I thought that the Celestial Kingdom would entitle each family to their own beachside cottage where one could be secluded with personal down time on a whim....

I think I like the idea!

That photo of Bella from the rear makes her look way too old!

I'm suffering the blahs from real life too. Miss you. Love you.

I've been scouting the real estate magazines we brought home! One can always dream.

Fred said...

Nice photo-documentation of the trip. I also like the photo of Bella on the dock...
We should do that again sometime!!
(Not a bad place to celebrate a birthday...)

Amy E said...

I have always wanted to go to the OBX...looks like such a relaxing, awesome time....thanks for sharing!!

charlotte said...

I'm so glad you love Bananagrams! And that vacation looks absolutely amazing--glad you had fun!

Rin said...

How awesome! I hear you on loving that lifestyle...I so yearn for that also. I truly do. It does just feel right. The water/ocean is so healing to me. And I also know what you mean by the hangover/mourning. I just got back two weeks ago from my family's and I cried and was depressed for 3 days. I miss them like crazy. I would do anything to shrink the United States so all my loved ones would be in a few hours drive.

Diana said...

Wow that sounds fun. I know how much you love your beach trips.
Bella's hair is getting so long!

michelle said...

I love every bit of this! The dock is amazing. The dotage. The rocking chairs. Ahhh.... the ocean is so very soothing to me. I share your dream.

linda said...

We are going to Kiawah Island the first week of August so this is making me antsy!! So glad you had a great time, it looks like Fiona found my replacement :(!

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Looks beautiful. But...selfishly I'm glad you're back!

Michelle said...

You should be compensated for that post - I'm ready to hop on a plane right now!!

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