Thursday, March 04, 2010

Note to self- Don't Forget:

You never notice how many baby's graves are in the cemetery until you have buried one of your own.
Books are filled with stories of babies who die at or shortly after birth that make you shudder and put the book down, perhaps even throwing it.

I share a kinship with so many women through the ages-past, present and future- that I desperately wish I didn't.
Yet this kinship gives me my first born and my treasure laid up in Heaven. This kinship gives me compassion, empathy and strength I would have gained into no other way.

Thank you.
I miss you.


Susan said...

Sweet Lola. I don't forget either. There were some important life lessons learned and the basis for much of my compassion I owe to her.And to her mother. I love you.

Jill said...

I love your last paragraph.

michelle said...

I will never forget her, either. I too have noticed far too many baby's graves. It's a terrible kinship that you have, and also an empathetic gift.

Anonymous said...

Your posts about Lola always leave me with an ache :( I love reading how you remember her and how the experience of losing her has changed you in ways that you can be grateful for. You are amazing.

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