Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Just You And Me Kid

We're finding our rhythm, Fiona and I. Ordinarily we don't have a car, so we just kick it at home like we did today. Today I ironed and hung new (store bought) curtains, caught up on all my laundry, did a bit of ironing, sewed a skirt, cleaned my living room blinds and baseboards and windows. Then we had Little Caesars slutty pizza for dinner because I had done enough for the day. Fish tacos I was going to make- we'll see you tomorrow night.
Fiona did her typical pirate face once, but then refrained. I think it may be because I had the screen turned around so she could see herself and she got a glimpse of what she really looked like.
Yesterday as we walked home from the bus stop, we were followed by a baby squirrel! It was pretty freakin' cute. One of the neighborhood boys had told us about 'Alvin Jr', and lo and behold, there he was. He scampered after us the whole way, about 2 blocks. Fiona was delighted, and while I was as well, I was hesitant to let her touch it. He was obviously after food (as the neighborhood kids have been feeding hinm peanut butter to domesticate him), but I didn't know that he was ready for Fiona's delighted screeching and lurching. You never know what a cornered squirrel is capable of. Baby or not.
(blogger won't let me rotate this **** picture)

It was hard to get a decent picture of it since I was trying to make sure Fiona didn't get too close as she had absolutely no fear. He was really quite tiny and adorable, though brazen. After we came inside he sat on our porch and was actually trying to claw his way through the glass door.He was scratching and scratching away, then climbing the brick wall outside the door. I threw him some cold scrambled eggs from breakfast, but I guess his diet of peanut butter has spoiled him against my peasant food.
So with Bella apparently loving school and everything that goes with it, I am enjoying my days at home with Fiona. She's young enough to be happy playing along side me while I do my housework and sometimes sewing, all with a lurid Lifetime movie to keep me company. She doesn't know what's going on and is happy to have free reign of Bella's toys with no competition for my attention.
Good times.


Miranda said...

You got a ton of work done! My family shall now begin calling LC's hot and ready pizza "slutty pizza." N8tr0n and I are cracking up over this.

Jill said...

It's rather sweet to think of you and Fiona getting all this one-on-one time together.

I think it's hilarious that 1. you were afraid for the squirrel, not for Fiona 2. you called the squirrel brazen, and 3. he rejected your peasant food!

jt said...

I must credit Jill for the ingenious 'slutty pizza' label. (Cheap & Easy= Slutty.) She coined it and it is perfect and it stuck.
And Jill, I WAS afraid for Fiona- I was afraid he might bite her. Sorry I wasn't clear.

"The Activist" said...

I sorta stalk your blog, along with your sister michelle's and jill's blog. i don't even know how i stumbled across it. maybe pink kristi?
anyhow, i've been reading for a while now, and I had to come out of the stalker darkness to tell you that fiona's pirate face is the most funniest, delightful thing i've ever seen. every.single.time i see it, it makes me laugh out loud. even today, in kind of the beginnings of some depression, it didn't fail to cheer me up. so - sorry for the weird stalker-y comment, but you have beautiful children. and they make great pirate faces.
the end.

michelle said...

Funny, just today I was thinking about you and Fiona home together and wondering how that was going!

You got so much done - I wasn't even close to that productive, even with Eva at kindergarten half the day. Jealous.

Susan said...

Squirrels! Ugh. I guess you might recall when we trapped them from the attic of the Alton house and let them go...and do you recall the time that one came down Grandma's chimney and got into the family room....sooty footprints all over the entire room, ceiling and walls! I can't remember how she got rid of him.

Cutest photos of Fiona and it sounds like she is adjusting to life without her big sister all day. Sounds pretty sweet, actually.

Molly Krauss Smith said...

Awww. I'm so glad you two gals have some time together. Where did you hang the new curtains?

Sophie said...

YOU LET FIONA TOUCH THE SQUIRREL?! What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall sometimes! :) Haha p.s im extremely jealous.. I love squirrels but was never a smart enough child to try and domesticate it.

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