Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Handmade Holiday 2010 Part Ten: Dolls and Their Clothes

These are in the running for my favorites of the whole lot of handmade gifts. 
Meet: Rosie and Penelope.
(Named by Trisha)
I had an old doll pattern that I developed over several revisions. I thought it was right, that it fit my vision.
Then, after two late nights working on some dolls for the girls and having them fail me, leaving me exhausted and frustrated, ready to give up doll-making forever, I scrapped it all and started over. These were the result.
I was thrilled. Now this, fits my vision. Definitely more Black Apple-inspired, but still completely my design. I am in love with these two girls.
And they're pretty fond of each other as well. They're best friends. Inseparable.
Penelope's my favorite. Like, of all time. But don't tell the others.
I'm pretty fond of her, too.
(Full-length view)
All right, this one...she fairly disgusts me. She's from the old pattern. 
Now that I've developed my new girls, I can barely look at this one and her freakish giraffe-like neck.
Bella wanted one that was 'her'. Hence, the short brown hair, blue eyes, and tiny sprinkling of freckles across the nose region. (I don't put noses on my dolls, much to Bella's chagrin.)
She is wearing a nightgown made from one of Bella's old swaddling blankets she had as an infant. I love the thought that she was wrapped in this blanket, barely bigger than the doll itself, and now she wraps her 'baby' in it. This doll's redeeming quality is that Bella loves her and is proud of her. When people ask her what she got for Christmas, she can often be heard to lead with "Well, I got 3 of mom's dolls that she makes, and this one is me. I used to be wrapped in this when I was a little baby." So we'll keep her.
Though not handmade by me, I found this bed at an antique mall and fell in love with it. I paid an inordinate amount for it because of that love, and the perfect fit for my dolls.
Besides the nightgown the Bella doll is wearing, I made one more nightgown, 2 dresses (1 with puff-sleeves and 1 with a flutter sleeve), 2 shirts with a flutter sleeve, and 1 with a puff sleeve. Pattern for the doll clothes from Bit of Whimsy Prims. I love her dolls so much. Luckily the clothes fit my dolls too.
And here are the girls modeling the two flutter sleeve tops.
I see a lot, a LOT more dolls from this pattern coming. I love them!
Thanks for following my Handmade Holidays series this year! I loved doing it, and I've loved hearing your feedback, so keep it coming! If you link to me, let me know- I'd love to visit!


rmt said...

I am seriously amazed at all you did for Christmas. I mean...WOW! Who can MAKE dolls for their girls these days? You are like the coolest mom ever!

I love your dolls, even the one you think is ugly. :) Do you sell these on Etsy...? I think you should!

paws said...

I love those dolls! If Rhea ever shows any real interest in dolls, I may have to beg you to make one for us. And that little bed is so cute, too!

Erin said...

you were a machine this year! amazing!

i love these dolls! you did a great job. i want to make one for me... and for sutton too, i guess. :)

the doll bed it to die for! do you remember where you got the large polka dot fabric? I am smitten with it!

Trisha said...

This comment should be on each of your posts, but I'm lazy, so it's not, so just pretend: "YOU ARE SO TALENTED. I LOVE THEM." I know it could be construed as a lame blanket statement, BUT I AM NOT BEING LAME I'M JUST BEING TRUE AND ALSO A LITTLE BE LAZY! I do love those dolls. And I love the tin advent calendars, and I feel bad if I start naming what I love because I might leave something out and I love it all. So I'll stop and revert back to aforesaid lame statement!

michelle said...

They are so darling! Rosie is my favorite. Great pattern. (Sheesh, you make patterns!) And clothes for them as well! Good gracious.

That doll bed is to die for, so glad you didn't pass it up.

makeitfunky said...

I have only recently satarted to do this blogging thing and I accidentally came across your blog. I just have to say that it is my favourite by far. You amaze me with the things you make! You should be so very proud that you are sharing your incredible talents. What a wonderful gift of creativity you have and such a way with words- oh my! be encouraged. Rebecca from Australia

Jill said...

You did such an amazing job on all the gifts, these are painfully cute!

Tasha said...

You amaze me!

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